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Контроллер Emulex LP11000-M4

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Арт. LP11000-M4

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The Emulex LP11000 family of host bus adapters offers highly-integrated 4Gb/s Fibre Channel connectivity solutions for enterprise-class storage area networks. The LP11000 HBAs deliver exceptional performance through the use of Helios", Emulex seventh-generation Fibre Channel I/O controller. The Helios high-performance controller is a dual-channel device that combines ARM11 microprocessors, 1Gig/2Gig/4Gig SERDES, buffer memory, and an advanced Fibre Channel protocol engine into a single module. The LP11000 family includes both single- and dual-channel HBAs in a low-profile PCI card form factor that adapts to either standard height or low profile server slots. Emulex LP11000 HBA unique architecture performs transactions at the frame level, making it ideal for mixed-workload environments such as simultaneous tape and disk operations. This unique architecture also produces highest efficiency in mixed speed networks."
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Контроллер Emulex LP11000-M4
Контроллер Emulex LP11000-M4

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