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Контроллер Emulex LP8000DC-F1

175 527 руб.
Арт. LP8000DC-F1

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The LightPulse LP8000DC Fiber Channel PCI host bus adapters deliver exceptional performance through the use of two Emulex Dragonfly ASICs, two 266MIPS onboard processors, high-speed buffer memory, and a high performance PCI-PCI bridge. The LP8000DC features a 64 bit PCI interface and includes sophisticated capabilities such as full-duplex data transfers and full fabric support. The LP8000DC delivers sustained performance in excess of 45, 000 I/Os per second and throughput of 200MB/s from a single adapter with both channels performing sequential read operations. The LP8000DC delivers point-to-point, arbitrated loop and switch fabric connections as well as both Class 2 and 3 frame formats for both channels. Support for fiber optic cabling is provided through an embedded physical interface.
Партийный номерLP8000DC-F1

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Контроллер Emulex LP8000DC-F1
Контроллер Emulex LP8000DC-F1

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