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Контроллер Emulex LP7000E-N1

28 848,60 руб.
Арт. LP7000E-N1

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The LightPulse LP7000E fiber channel PCI host bus adapters deliver exceptional performance through the use of Emulex's Superfly ASIC, a 266 MIPS onboard processor and high-speed buffer memory. The LP7000E features a 32 - bit PCI interface and provides the richest set of features available.??The LP7000E is designed to support mission-critical enterprise applications. The LP7000E provides a unique combination of features, including switched fabric support using F Port and FL Port connections, full-duplex data transfers, high data integrity features, support for all fiber channel topologies, and support for service class 2 and 3. The LP7000E also features sophisticated hardware that provides superior performance in storage area networks, delivering low latency and high throughput in switched, arbitrated loop and clustered environments. Support for fiber optic cabling is provided through standard GLM physical interfaces.
Партийный номерLP7000E-N1

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Контроллер Emulex LP7000E-N1
Контроллер Emulex LP7000E-N1

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