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Контроллер Promise SuperTrak EX12350

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Арт. EX12350

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The Promise SuperTrak EX12350 is a 12-port RAID controller that supports SATA 3Gb/s disk drives. Combining Promise's OEM proven RAID stack design with Intel's industry leading 500MHz XScale® IO processor, SuperTrak EX12350 provides high performance and comprehensive OS support for the ultimate storage solution for enterprise server applications and vertical markets such as supercomputing, NAS storage, near-line storage, and video editing.

Advanced Hardware Design
SuperTrak EX12350
is a 12-port IOP RAID controller designed for rack mount servers, and supports SATA hard drives with transfer speed of up to 3Gb/s. The controller has a native PCIe host interface, thus offering higher throughput performance. In addition to the powerful Intel XScale® 500MHz I/O processor, the controller also comes with 256MB of onboard cache with an optional battery backup unit for the ultimate data protection.

Superior RAID Architecture and Performance
Promise's OEM proven RAID stack architecture means more RAID features and increased reliability for the customer. SuperTrak EX series SATA controllers now support enhanced RAID 6 for 3-drive failure support, an improvement over the traditional RAID 6 for dual drive failure protection. Other advanced RAID features such as read ahead cache/write cache, online capacity expansion (OCE), RAID level migration (RLM), multiple logic drive support, media patrol and many more are all standard features and OEM tested and proven.

Expanded OS Support
The SuperTrak EX series SATA controllers have the most comprehensive OS support including Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP, SuSE (32/64bit), RedHat (32/64bit), Miracle/Asianux Linux (32/64bit), Fedora Core 5 (32/64bit), FreeBSD (32/64bit) and Linux Open Source.

Product Specifications SuperTrak EX12350:  
Controller Specifications
  • 12-port SATA 3Gb/s drive support
  • Native PCIe x8 host interface
  • Intel IOP333 I/O processor
  • 256MB DDR ECC onboard cache
  • WebPAM management software
  • 2 controller support
  • Optional battery backup unit

RAID Fault Tolerance Features

  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and JBOD support
  • Enhanced RAID 6 (3-drive failure support)
  • Multiple logic drive support
  • Online capacity expansion
  • RAID level migration
  • PerfectRAID technology for error handling and recovery
  • Background initialization, rebuild, media patrol, migration and synchronization
  • Error and event logging
  • Read ahead and write cache
  • Supports hot swappable drives
  • Supports S.M.A.R.T capable drives

Platform Support

  • Intel IA32, EM64T and AMD 64

             Box Contents

  • 12-port SATA 3Gb/s Native PCIe RAID controller
  • 3 SATA cables
  • 6 Y power cables
  • Low profile bracket
  • Quick start guide
  • CD containing:
    -- Web-based Promise Array Manager software (WebPAM)
    -- User Manual
    -- Device Drivers
Physical Dimension
  • 7.4" (L) x 4.3" (H)

Limited Warranty

  • 3 Years
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Контроллер Promise SuperTrak EX12350
Контроллер Promise SuperTrak EX12350

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