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Контроллер Qlogic QLE3442-RJ 10Gigabit Ethernet Card

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Арт. QLE3442-RJ

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The QLogic® 3400 Series Intelligent Ethernet Adapters-available in 10GBASE-T (RJ45), SR optic, and direct attach copper (DAC) -support LAN (TCP / IP) traffic at 10Gbps Ethernet (GbE) line-rate speeds. The 3400 Series provides extremely low host CPU usage by enabling full hardware offloads. The 3400 Series leverages QLogic's long-standing industry leadership in Ethernet by providing the highest levels of performance, efficiency, and scalability for the enterprise data center. For more efficient utilization of the 10GbE bandwidth, the QLogic 3400 Series Intelligent Ethernet Adapters offer switch-independent NIC partitioning (network partitioning [NPAR]), which enables segmentation of a single 10GbE port into multiple network partitions and dynamic allocation of bandwidth to each port . The segmentation allows IT organizations to optimize resource utilization while lowering the infrastructure and operational costs.
Партийный номерQLE3442-RJ

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Контроллер Qlogic QLE3442-RJ 10Gigabit Ethernet Card
Контроллер Qlogic QLE3442-RJ 10Gigabit Ethernet Card

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