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Контроллер Qlogic QLE8362 10Gigabit Ethernet Card

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Арт. QLE8362

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The 8300 Series adapters are QLogic's fourth generation of Converged Network Adapters, supporting simultaneous LAN (TCP / IP) and SAN (Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and iSCSI) traffic at line rate, 10Gbps Ethernet (GbE) speeds-at extremely low CPU utilizationwith full hardware offloads. This extreme performance eliminates potential I / O bottlenecks in today's powerful multiprocessor, multicoreservers. In addition, support for powerful virtualization features make this adapter ideal for virtualized environments that need excellent I / O performanceto service growing numbers of virtual machines (VMs). The ability to support multiple protocols simultaneously on the same hardware offers multi- tenancy flexibility, which is ideal for private and public cloud environments.
Партийный номерQLE8362

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Контроллер Qlogic QLE8362 10Gigabit Ethernet Card
Контроллер Qlogic QLE8362 10Gigabit Ethernet Card

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