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Контроллер Qlogic QLE2672-SP Network Card & Adapter

139 776,84 руб.
Арт. QLE2672-SP

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The 2600 Series 16Gb Gen 5 Fiber Channel Adapters boast industry-leading native Fiber Channel performance-achieving dual-port, line-rate, 16-gigabit Fiber Channel throughput-at extremely low CPU utilization with full hardware offloads. Gen 5 Fiber Channel resolves data center complexities by enabling a storage network infrastructure that supports powerful virtualization features, application-aware services, and simplified management. This provides the next generation storage networking infrastructure capable of supporting the most demanding virtualized and cloud-enabled environments while fully leveraging the capabilities of high-performance 16Gb Fiber Channel and SSD storage. These features help reduce cost and complexity while the unmatched 16 Gbps performance eliminates potential I / O bottlenecks in today's powerful multiprocessor, multicore servers.
Партийный номерQLE2672-SP

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Контроллер Qlogic QLE2672-SP Network Card & Adapter
Контроллер Qlogic QLE2672-SP Network Card & Adapter

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