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Контроллер Qlogic BR-1860-2P00 Network Card & Adapter

49 876,31 руб.
Арт. BR-1860-2P00

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The QLogic BR-1860 Fabric Adapter with Gen 5 Fiber Channel meets all the connectivity needs of cloud-enabled data centers while providing unmatched 16Gbps performance, application-aware services, unified management, and reduced cost and complexity. It is the simplest, the most flexible, and the most powerful server connectivity adapter is designed to extend fabric services to Virtual Machines (VMs) and applications in highly demanding virtualized environments.To keep pace with the dynamic and growing business demands, to private cloud architectures in order to leverage the many benefits of virtualization. This approach enables them to consolidate, scale, simplify, and automate their IT resources to increase business agility while reducing capital and operational costs. Server virtualization continues to be a key technology for enabling private cloud architectures. Organizations worldwide are taking virtualization to the next level, increas
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Контроллер Qlogic BR-1860-2P00 Network Card & Adapter
Контроллер Qlogic BR-1860-2P00 Network Card & Adapter

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